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Richard Ozanne Award Winning Visual Artist/Designer

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New York Exhibitions:

Ariel Gallery, Broom Street NYC, NY

Art Speak NYC

Abney Gallery, Broadway NYC, NY

Cover Magazine International

Art Speak

Manhattan Arts International NYC

Central Europe

Prague Exhibits:

            ExpoCenter Prague, "Czech Landscapes 1996/97":

"The Landscapes of Czech Republic are revealed in these vividly colored gouache and oil paintings of Richard Ozanne who has made his residence in Central Europe from America. His paintings are richly textured, of an expressionist nature with aspects of light, shade and painterly dynamics written as poetry within the canvas. There are 15 paintings exhibited in the exhibition "Czech Landscapes" ExpoCenter, each with a virtuosity all of their own in keeping with the aspects of tradition, but spectacular hints of human nature within....."  European Arts Agency, Sovoda, Prague CZ

            Expocenter Prague, Five Nights of Faust, 1997:

"Ten smaller works and five larger canvases are given a unique exhibition in the "Five Nights of Faust" on view at the Expocentre gallery  The paintings reveal a new technique which the artist has added to his vocabulary as an artist which combines traditional photography with painting in a very forceful debut of imagery on the subject of "Faust", the legend and modern interpretation on the subject which is timeless and well studied by the artist..."  European Arts Agency, Sovoda, Prague CZ

"Ozanne's work is masterfully crafted art in a unique style with personal variations..."  Prague, CZ

"Expressionist variants of color and form lead to new art with a sense of geni loci all of its own. Ozanne is a well studied artist of the techniques of the masters, and of later artists of the 20th century. His world reveals a unique sensitivity that is not frequently seen among artists of the younger generation..."   Prague CZ



New Zealand 

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